About me

Douglas McFadyean

I am Doug, an eager learner, collaborator and optimist!

Whilst being passionate about marketing, I also have an interest in futurism and strategically thinking about what is on the fringes of being possible.



Fitness is a key part of my life whether it's pushing myself in the gym, playing football with friends or taking part in 5k runs for charity.


I love capturing viewpoints, colours and creativity wherever I go. See more of my adventures on Instagram: @dougmcfadyean

Virtual & Augmented Reality

I believe there is a lot of potential for VR and AR technology to enhance consumer experiences. If you haven't tried it yet, please do!

My Qualifications

Marketing Degrees
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Average Mark on my BSc. Degree
Platform Certifications




Worked For

“What I love about marketing is the magical spot where creativity, data and strategy all converge to discover and drive forward new ideas. By having first hand experience in all three, I always make it my priority to make sure all three are front of mind in all aspects of planning and execution”
– Doug McFadyean

Top Three Favourite Books

An absolute must-read full of fascinating case studies and insights into how we think. I have shared this book with numerous colleagues!

This book really shaped my thinking and collaborative mindset at work to connect people and departments. All of Seth's books are fantastic!

A very future focused book that explore lots of different sectors and technology that could change the world.